The purpose of the EDIB (Equity, 多样性, 包容, and 归属感) Council is to advise and assist the development and progress of EDIB efforts for Juilliard in alignment with the institution’s mission and strategic plan. Made up of Juilliard faculty, 工作人员, 学生, 政府, 和校友, the EDIB委员会 works in collaboration with the Office of EDIB to address EDIB needs and opportunities in service to the Juilliard community.


Under the leadership of President Damian Woetzel, the EDIB Taskforce (now EDIB委员会) was assembled in June 2019 to spearhead the work and values of EDIB at Juilliard. The taskforce originally comprised 工作人员 and faculty members from across the school who met monthly to explore best practices, review recommendations, and develop strategies that connected current efforts with ongoing planning and development. The EDIB Taskforce was central to developing the EDIB Foundational Workshop and the EDIB pillar of the Juilliard 战略计划. After the initial charge of the taskforce was deemed complete, a new iteration of the group was suggested in fall 2021. With expanded representation and a renewed charge, the EDIB委员会 launched in fall 2022.

EDIB委员会 Representatives

Representatives provide essential input from their divisions and 部门 to help shape EDIB strategy, 政策, 和编程. They circulate EDIB updates and opportunities through their divisions, 部门, and institutional networks. Representatives meet as part of the full council twice per semester. Representatives serve two-year terms.  

The following areas are represented on the EDIB委员会: 

  • 学术事务 
  • 学术支持 & Disability Services 
  • 校友 
  • 大学教师 
  • Community Engagement 
  • 舞师 
  • 发展 
  • 多样性 Advocates 
  • 戏剧分部 
  • 扩展分区 
  • 设施 
  • 金融 
  • Historical Performance 
  • 人力资源 
  • International Advisement & Student 多样性 Initiatives 
  • 爵士乐的研究 
  • K-12 Programs and Initiatives 
  • 文科 
  • Library and 信息rmation Resources 
  • 音乐部门 
  • 音乐的历史 
  • Office of EDIB Initiatives 
  • Office of the President 
  • Office of the Provost 
  • 操作 
  • Preparatory Division 
  • 生产 
  • 公共事务 
  • 公共安全 
  • 学生代表大会 
  • Student 发展 
  • 声乐艺术