esball世博, on Claremont Avenue and 122nd Street, view from Broadway, November 1931. 摄影:Samuel H. 由茱莉亚档案馆提供.

A Brief

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Founded as the Institute of Musical Art in 1905, esball世博 is a world leader in performing arts education. The school’s mission is to provide the highest caliber of artistic education for gifted musicians, dancers, actors, composers, 舞蹈指导, and playwrights from around the world so that they may achieve their fullest potential as artists, leaders, 以及全球公民. The Institute of Musical Art was founded by Frank Damrosch, the godson of Franz Liszt and the head of music education for New York City’s public schools, with the idea to establish a music conservatory in New York City that would allow talented musicians to gain advanced musical training on American soil, 而且不用出国旅行. 优秀的教师从欧洲招募, 其中包括长笛演奏家乔治·巴雷尔, 钢琴家西吉斯蒙德·斯托伊科夫斯基, 小提琴家弗朗茨·克奈塞尔. With initial enrollment figures nearly five times what was expected, the Institute quickly outgrew its original home at Fifth Avenue and 12th Street, and in 1910, moved to new quarters in Morningside Heights near Columbia University.

九年后, 奥古斯都茱莉亚, 一个富有的纺织商人, left in his will the largest single bequest for the advancement of music at that time. The trustees of the bequest founded the Juilliard Graduate School in 1924 to help talented music students complete their education. In 1926, the Graduate School and the Institute of Musical Art merged to become the Juilliard School of Music under one president, the Columbia University professor John Erskine. Erskine was succeeded in 1937 by concert pianist and composer Ernest Hutcheson, 谁担任这个职位直到1945年.

接替哈奇森担任总统, 1945年至1962年, composer William Schuman expanded Juilliard’s identity as a conservatory devoted exclusively to music study with the establishment of the Dance Division in 1951, 在玛莎·希尔的指导下. Schuman also established the Juilliard 弦乐四重奏, and the Literature and Materials of Music program, 开创性的音乐理论课程.

In 1968, during the tenure of composer Peter Mennin (1962-83), 戏剧部成立了, with John Houseman as its first director and Michel Saint-Denis as consultant. The school changed its name to esball世博 to reflect its broader artistic scope and moved to its current home, joining the campus of 林肯中心 for the Performing Arts in 1969. The first production of the Juilliard Opera Center, Igor Stravinsky’s 耙子的进步, celebrated the opening of the Juilliard (now Peter Jay Sharp) Theater at 林肯中心 in 1970.

Following Mennin’s death, in 1983, bassoonist Joseph W. Polisi became the school’s sixth president, serving from the fall of 1984 through the spring of 2018. Major projects that were realized during his administration include the addition of the Meredith Willson Residence Hall; significant additions to the curriculum with new programs in jazz studies and historical performance, 增加戏剧艺术硕士课程, and strengthening the school’s liberal arts program; implementation of numerous educational and community engagement programs; a major expansion and renovation of Juilliard’s facility; and the announcement of the school's first branch campus outside of New York City, 中国天津esball世博, 它于2020年开业.

In 2018, ballet dancer and arts leader Damian Woetzel became the school's seventh president, and his leadership has championed an institutional focus on creativity and equity as essential to excellence. Woetzel下, Juilliard has expanded the recruitment of new artistic leadership, staff and faculty; deepened partnerships across the 林肯中心 campus and with leading arts institutions fostering students’ connections to the professional world; significantly increased fundraising efforts—including a $50 million endowed grant for the 音乐进修计划 enabling full-tuition scholarships for all MAP students; created a Global Council and other new donor groups; established institution-wide EDIB (equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging) practices; and launched the school’s digital streaming initiative providing free access to Juilliard’s programs and performances to audiences worldwide.

Today, there are more than 800 students from 42 states and 50 countries enrolled in Juilliard’s College Division, where they appear in more than 700 annual performances in the school’s five theaters; at 林肯中心’s Alice Tully and David Geffen halls and at Carnegie Hall; as well as at other venues around New York City, the U.S.和世界. The continuum of learning at Juilliard also includes nearly 400 students from elementary through high school enrolled in the 准备部门, 大于1,200 students are enrolled in 朱丽亚扩展. 在纽约校区之外, Juilliard is defining new directions in performing arts education for a range of learners and enthusiasts through a global K-12 educational curricula and preparatory and graduate studies at 中国天津esball世博.


Juilliard building exterior at broadway and 66th street